The Story of American Mined & Made Gold and Silver

American Reserve is rooted in the principles that fuel innovation and the same spirit that propels growth and investment. We are passionate about producing premium fine gold and silver that is mined, refined, and made in America.

“No single event in the history of silver rivals the importance of the discovery of the New World in 1492. This momentous finding and the years that followed reinvented the role of silver throughout the world.”

—The Silver Institute

Where it all began

American history and expansion is deeply rooted in the search for precious metals. Following the Spanish conquest of the New World, which resulted in a surge of global interest in precious metal mining, the United States became a key player in the quest for silver after the discovery of the Comstock Lode in the Sierra Nevada Range in the 1850s.

Westward Expansion

The unearthing of this buried treasure in the American West effectively constituted the next wave of American conquests and colonization, as word of the large amount of hidden wealth spread across the civilized world. Gold and Silver were a critical driving force behind the creation of new towns, the diversification in population, the expansion of railroads, and the rise of the labor movement.

The Rise of Gold and Silver

The excitement led to increased discovery of gold and silver deposits elsewhere and, as the United States continued to grow in both population and size coupled with the increasing amount of technological innovation at the turn of the twentieth century, global production of silver increased 50 percent between 1900-1920.

Today, more than 5000 years after ancient cultures first began to mine this precious metal, the United States consistently ranks in the top ten silver-producing countries in the world.

American Made. American Proud

American Reserve is produced by Asahi Refining USA. We are one of the largest gold and silver refiners in the world, and consistently deliver the highest quality gold and silver bullion products on the market.

We bring nearly 200 years of experience and set the standard for precision in precious metal refining. Our Salt Lake City location is proud of the renowned heritage that American Reserve has and is resolute about premium fine gold and silver that is mined, refined, and made in America.

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